Hi all. Welcome to my new favourite project. I created this blog in order to share my love of music, typically indie, alternative, and most forms of rock, with the world. All of the bands and artists that I write about I feel deserve a great deal of appreciation. This was just one of the ways I figured I could do that. I also wanted to help expose people to these different artists and bands. They desperately need to be shared with the world. Whether you already had the pleasure of knowing these artists and bands or not, I hope this blog satisfies you and makes you appreciate them even more. Many bands and artists will be featured more than once as I hope to delve into specifics when it comes to some of these musical geniuses. Along with this will be songs to check out and a deeper analysis of lyrics and of course the typical rating of songs, albums, and bands. This will be the best of the best people. I sincerely hope you enjoy this and get something out of it, as I will greatly enjoy my time coming up with these posts.