Song of The Day

Hello all-

Here I am, back on the Song of The Day grind ready to inform you all of some music that will undeniably amaze you.

To kick off the Song of The Day streak again, I’d like to welcome you all back with “Stuck On the Puzzle” by none other than Alex Turner himself.

While Alex Turner is currently a member of Arctic Monkeys (or so we hope as we haven’t heard any new music lately…?) as well as The Last Shadow Puppets, previously he composed some genius songs for a movie entitled Submarine. While I myself have not had the pleasure of viewing this movie yet, it is one that I have been dreaming of watching for quite some time now.

Submarine¬†features six incredible songs that are sung by Turner of course. While the other five songs are needless to say lyrically incredible, “Stuck On the Puzzle” is the one that always seems to strike me the hardest. The outdo really resonates with me:

“I tried to swim to the side
But my feet got caught in the middle
And I thought I’d seen the light
But oh no.
I was just stuck on the puzzle
Stuck on the puzzle.”

Lyrics like these aren’t crafted by just anyone my friends. It takes massive amounts of time and skill in order to perfect lyrics like these. Just the name of the song itself is truly a gift. It is something that flitters through my mind on a regular basis to say the least. While Turner is in his younger years when he drafted this song, that doesn’t stop it from being any less unique and wonderful. His young tenor voice fills your ears with love and amazement as he continues to work through his early career.

Turner describes in this song the act of being so caught up and entranced by a beautiful woman who doesn’t even begin to compare to anyone else. Everyone is so entranced in her presence that they forget about anything and everything else. Love and lust are two different things, however they can both make even the most level headed person do the most unreasonable of things.

Oh what it would be like to lust after or love someone that much…

If you’d like to bless your ears with a soft balled today, give it a listen…





Song of The Day

Today is now the first glorious day of the weekend: Saturday!

To give your Saturday a smooth and sexy tune, I’d say give “One For The Road” a listen by Arctic Monkeys. This song registers as track number 3 on their latest album “AM.” “One For The Road” is one of those tunes that never really gets old. It has a certain air about it that’s filled with confidence and swagger, but in a good way of course. It makes you feel mysterious and more confident yourself while listening to it. It has a sultriness to it that you just can’t stop listening to. Alex Turner’s vocals in this song will make you have a little swagger in your step all while making you swoon at the same time. Turner is the master of coming up with unique lyrics as seen here…

“The mixture hits you hard
Don’t get that sinking feeling, don’t fall apart
Some out of tune guitar
Soundtrack to disaster.”

Not only will the vocals overwhelm you in this song, but the rockin’ guitar solo that occurs right after these lyrics in particular will knock you off your seat. The pairing of Mr. Turner’s vocals with his genius work on the electric will have you hitting replay nonstop. In the end this song will have you picturing either yourself or someone else (Alex Turner perhaps?) casually leaning against a wall outside at night wearing a leather jacket with a cigarette twisting between their fingers, much unlike what the music video portrays with the whole tractor scene. However, even though a tractor does somewhat randomly appear in the “One For The Road” music video, it along with the rest of the music video still manages to give you that undeniable feeling of wanting to listen to this song on repeat. I hope you take the opportunity to listen to this gem of a song.

Here it is…